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Mike Raymond - 2005 Kevin Morton Award Winner

The Kevin Morton Award speaks to skill, commitment and dedication.  These qualities are difficult to define.  Sometimes the best measure is the respect of team mates.  The Roadrunner's defense struggled at times last year but Mike never lost his faith in them and they returned that respect by giving all they had.  Mike missed many games last year because of his job.  No matter how large a concern it was that the starting keeper was missing, to a man everyone agreed that he must have a had a good reason to miss the night's match.  In team discussions, before the match, at half time or in the pub afterwards, Mike's opinion is always carefully considered by everyone.  He is always there when you need him, on the field or enjoying a beer after the match.  He has earned his place in Roadrunner lore.


Dick Stinson - December 2005

Dick has attacked this season on and off the field.  His play on the pitch has been marked by pin point passing and dogged determination on defense.  He dominates while on the field and then shortens his shifts to make room for others.  Off the field he has managed a difficult financial and administration challenge effectively.  This is a vital job that is rarely acknowledged.  Dick is a manager and a legend.

Duncan Hickey-Cameron - August 2005

The first half of the season has been a difficult time for the Roadrunners as they adapt to life in the 2nd Division with much of the 2004 edition of the team injured or retired.  The message from the coach has been consistent, play with heart.   Duncan has attacked on every play, jumped for every header and challenged for every ball.  He has also fought through a serious callous, a sore toe nail and two bouts of bitchitus.  He is truly a warrior.

Eoin Hickey-Cameron - April 2005

Eoin has been on fire in 2005 crashing through defenders and scoring goals in almost every game.  This is made all the more amazing considering he is fighting through a major knee injury sustained just before the Christmas break.  His courage and determination is the stuff of legends.

Lawrence Townley-Smith- January 2004

The Roadrunners return to the 2nd Division has been a challenging one.  The championship outdoor roster has been depleted  through retirements and injury leaving the remaining players with the difficult task of rising to a challenge.  Lawrence has risen to that challenge.  He shook off the effects of last season's injuries and his hit the floor running.  He is playing smart, scoring goals and contributing every shift.  

Gerry Kane - Kevin Morton Award Winner - 2004

The 2004 campaign brought on a new era in Roadrunner soccer.  Newly assigned coach John Schepers spoke at length about commitment, skill development and playing smart.  While the team trained and learned, in many ways it was the addition of Gerry Kane to the line-up that took the advice off the chalk board and on to the pitch.  From the two cleated tackle on his first play as a Roadrunner to playing the shield final on an injured hamstring, Gerry showed us what we needed to do to win.

While his skill and experience raised the entire team, it was his high expectations for himself and others that turned the Roadrunner fullbacks into an unbeatable unit.  The team held the opposition to an incredible 10 goals with six shut outs in regular season play.  A remarkable feat made possible by a great center back.

Conrad Bell - August 2004

The Roadrunner fullback line has been beyond solid, helping the keepers hold other teams to only 10 goals this season.  This has largely been due to the sweeping tandem of Conrad Bell and Gerry Kane.  With the fullback line subject to late season injuries, Conrad has anchored the line with confidence.  Playing through a sore knee and being there every game has allowed the rest of the team the confidence to win control of the ball at mid-field and win games.

Many ballots were also received for Eoin and Duncan Hickey for their tireless and aggressive play.  These unfortunately had to be discarded due to voter confusion when they started wearing the same headbands.

Nev Fernandez - July 2004

Nev Fernandez, a lonely stoic man, an island.  Nev is the bed rock on which the Roadrunners will build the 2004 season.  With towering headers, quick feet, and a passion for supporting his team mates he has led the way through the month of June which saw the team win all of its games. 


Darryl Luterbach - March 2004

Darryl had a great season supporting the Roadrunners through the undefeated season of 2003-04.  With 13 goals and only one yellow card Darryl was focused on winning all season.  In the early part of the season Darryl's three games in goal turned the tide on the fledgling campaign and gave the Roadrunners the confidence to face all the rest of a very successful season.

Mike Raymond - February 2004

It all starts with the keeper.  If the goalie has confidence, then the defense has confidence, then the midfield doesn't have to cover the defense, and the forwards have the support they need.  That's what Mike brings to the table.  He is fast, skilled, brave and ready to play.  Since his signing in the summer of 2003 he has brought confidence to the Roadrunner's side of the pitch.  His big saves and occasional runs up field set the pace for a confident, successful team.

Kirk Nordick - December 2003

No surprise, Kirk is here again.  The Roadrunners started off the 2003-04 indoor campaign with some questions at forward.  Several key offensive players from the outdoor squad moved on and it was not certain where the goals were going to come from.  As other players rise to the challenge, Kirk has has held the fort, generating goal after goal and several hat-tricks.  He has regained the confidence in his knee and leaves all opposing defenses shaking their heads.

Conrad Bell - Kevin Morton Award Winner - 2003

Conrad is more than a good player, he has the skill and the desire to play at forward, mid or fullback.  As the Roadrunners worked through the season he was moved to where he was needed and dominated every game at every position.  He could strike a goal, slice through the midfield or shut down a game as a sweeper.  His skill was most evident when he would win a ball in his own end and turn up field with such speed and ball handling that the defending team would all retreat in confusion.  He also leads by example with a steady, confident outlook to the game that inspires others, of diffuses tension.  He never has to yell or scream, a simple "we gotta get those" is all he ever needs to say.

Chad Bruneski - August 2003

It is always the plan to carry the ball strongly through midfield and pass through the opposing defense for an easy score.  But, it doesn't always work that way.  When you are down players, when the midfield can't get established, when it is 35 degrees out, sometimes you send the ball long and hope.  Chad has carried that hope for the Roadrunners.  Game in, game out he has worked, scrapped, run, fought and scored.  He has scored key goals, he had created many chances.  He wants the ball, he wants to win.

Matt Wieclawski - March 2003

Mat leads by example.  In all sports there are players that speak with their actions.  In Roy Keane type fashion, Mat scores important goals that win games or turn the momentum in the Roadrunner's direction.  He has the courage to play through injuries, and the team insight to know when to sit out because he can't play at full speed.  He is positive and motivating, and yet occasionally loses his temper showing his desire to win.  He is always supporting, always encouraging.  When the chips are down, you want Mat beside you.  Good luck Mat.

Kirk Nordick - February 2003

The Roadrunners are playing their best indoor soccer in modern history.  This has been due to many factors, great goalkeeping, steady defense, strong midfield play, but mostly, many many goals.  Kirk Nordick has amassed a staggering 29 goals and the season is not over.  What would have happened if he had his knee surgery in the fall?

Special merit also goes out to Nick Corcoran for his tremendous performance in the RSA tournament.  This even garnered attention from our DIV II affilaite.

John Gibbons - January 2003

John started his career with the Roadrunners late last summer.  All through the World Cup, threats and promises were received from Japan that our new danger man was coming.  He arrived and the goals followed, but the quiet two footed powerhouse seemed out of place among forwards that had played together for years.  The season ended in unfortunate fashion with a suspension that defied logic.  After being forced to start the indoor season on the bench, he has now found the team and they have found him.  With 16 goals already his impact is only beginning to be felt.  He can score from anywhere, and the power of his shots has all but the most courageous of goalies backing into their nets when he has the ball.  He is truly a gifted player.

Roadrunners - November 2002

The Roadrunners are playing the best soccer they have played in recent history.  The success on the floor has come from a complete team effort so it makes no sense to single anyone out.  The team is playing together, subbing appropriately, moving the ball from defense to offense and controlling the game through the middle.  Every man is playing consistently and confidently.   The team is therefore the player of the month.

Kevin Morton Award -2002

Dave Smith

It was a dark, cold night in mid-winter and the Roadrunner management team was going over the depth chart one more time in an attempt to replace Roadrunner and varsity star keeper, Max Lingard. The Roadrunner net had been a revolving door, both figuratively and literally. Then the homepage picked up a hit, a keeper from Calgary was moving to Regina and wanted to know if we were interested. The team cautiously replied that we could perhaps have a look, how about you start in net on Tuesday? The new man arrived, covered in tape, and before the game had even started was dangerously close to a yellow card from Laurie over his lucky shirt...That is how the legend of Dave Smith begins.

Whether knocking down Red Dogs in his penalty area, clearing goal kicks 60 yards, or thinking up excuses so Darryl will play net, Dave is an impact player. His intensity and skill drive the fullbacks to play at their best, and his "Shit Happens" attitude defuses all but the worst of situations. A soccer team builds from its keeper, and Dave is a great place to start.

Nick Corcoran - August 2002

Nick has turned on his game in 2002.  He has shown skill and drive on offense, hard work at mid-field, and has supported the defense at every turn.  His goals have have shown determination, and his support of the defense has shown a commitment to the team.  Nick has been there when the team has needed him. 

Murray Hilderman - July 2002

2002 welcomed back the return of wayward warrior Murray Hilderman to the Roadrunners.  His courage, speed and drive for the ball (and the need to score more goals than Jeremy) have ripped open the mid-field of every game he has played.  He has inspired the rest of us with his attack and his team attitude.  If he would just stop calling us Concordia.

Kirk Nordick - March 2002

Kirk appears to be throwing off the effects of his long-term knee injury and has returned to his scoring form.  He started March with two, two goal outings and he finished off the Dragons with a four goal barrage.  When he steps on the the floor he is always threat.  The Roadrunners always look to Kirk for leadership, and 2002 is no different.

February 2002 - Scott Dupperon

In January, Scott has been on fire with stifling defense and lightning offense.  A steadying force at the back, Scott approaches the opposition net like a cat, pouncing on opportunities.  His quick release on set plays has finally made the Roadrunners a threat on free kicks.

January 2002 - Max Lingard

When Max asked to rejoin the team there was no question he was welcomed back.  His tremendous respect for his team-mates, however, made him uncomfortable that he was taking someone's spot.  This only shows what an all around team player he is.  His brilliance in net is matched only by his commitment to improving the team in anyway he can.  He will be missed.

Kevin Morton Award -2001

Chris Ference

Chris is no stranger to the player of the month page.  With skill and determination he patrols the left side at fullback and midfield.  His consistent play and speed have made that side of the field a no man's land for the opposition.  The contribution on the field and sidelines by Chris and his family make the Roadrunners a much better team.

February 2001 - Dick Stinson

Back in the glory days Dick used to dazzle us with end-to-end runs.  Lately, a persistent calf injury has caused Dick to play deep back.  The last month, however, we have seen the return of the master as he has returned to moving forward, dribbling through forwards and setting up key offensive plays.  Its nice to have him back.

- Honourable mention goes to Steph Snider who has been valiant in net.  We applaud his courage to take the position, and his skill and persistence to stay there and help give us a chance to return to glory.

January 2001 - Chris Ference

As the team rebuilds it is important to focus on what the team could be and not what it was.   Chris has been a steady influence on defense and has had a very positive impact on the team.  Through his play and his attitude he has helped make these awkward games positive and has had kept the defense focused and fun.

Kevin Morton Award - 2000 

Sterling Snider

The first winner of the Kevin Morton Award in the new millenium is Sterling Snider.  The award speaks to dedication, commitment and skill development.  In a very difficult season Sterling came to every game, every practice and gave his best.  Sterling has made the Roadrunners a part of his life by bringing fans and family to the team and the sidelines.   His commitment and dedication is a positive hope for the future of the team.

Players of the Month - July 2000

When the team is struggling as bad as it is not appropriate to single out individual efforts.  So for July 2000 we salute several great efforts:

  • Dallas Stinson for his steady calm while playing a position he is not used to
  • Kirk Nordick for his leadership and courage playing through his injury
  • Sterling Snider's goals
  • Paul Harasen's performance in the net while suffering through the flu
  • Max Lingard's untested skill in net
  • Darryl Luterbach's handling of roster decisions
  • The front office working through a fluid roster, debt, suspensions and protests.
May 2000 - Kirk Nordick

Kirk led the team in scoring again this season.  On top of that he played through bruised ribs and several leg injuries severe enough that even a fullback would have winced.   His talent and determination are always appreciated.

Honourable mention goes to Sterling and Chris for taking out Dusty in the last game.

March 2000 - J.Ryan Tuck

The "Pastor of Disaster" has been a quiet but dominant force in the middle of the court all season.  Hustle, hard tackles and speed have been the standard for this hard working player.  All he really needs is a better picture.

February 2000 - Darryl Luterbach

Darryl broke things open in December with a flurry of goals and showed flashes of brilliance around the opposing team's net.  He worked hard on all shifts and did his talking with his foot. 

December 1999 - Curtis Silzer

Curtis has taken control of the net this year. His daring slide tackles and courageous challenges have turned the tide in all of the Roadrunners wins this year. After years of being told to tell the defenders what to do he has found his voice and the whole team benefits.

Honorable mention goes to Joe Muldoom. He has had a tremendous impact in the games he has played, unfortunately other commitments has kept that number fairly low.

Kevin Morton Award - 1999 

Gabe Fernandez

This year, several players could have taken home this coveted award, the winner truly earned it.  Gabe, or "Gab" as he likes to be called, joined the team early in the season and was eventually moved back to sweeper.  His skill, attitude, and determination did a lot to sure up an under achieving fullback line.  His constant threat to take the ball through half also contributed to a successful August and September.

July 1999  - Sterling Snider

This summer the Roadrunners, through injuries,  have found themselves in the unusual position of being short fullbacks.  As every player that hasn't scored ten goals was cycled through the fullback line, Sterling emerged as a dependable and occasionally fast right back.  His ability to shut down his wing has been instrumental in the team's positive first half of the season.

April 1999 - Mike Stercl

At the beginning of the month Mike asked what he had to do to be player of the month.  The answer was, play as well as you can.  Mike answered with goals and impressive off the ball play.  Almost instantly his play was full of thought and precision.  For turning it on in the home stretch, Mike is Roadrunner of the Month.

Also worthy of mention for this, the final award of the indoor season, is Chris Ference and Chad Penny.  Chris had a dominant presence in the middle position and was dearly missed in the final.  Chad showed a great deal of confidence and skill as the season progressed.

Curtis Silzer - March 1999

Curtis rose to a higher level by taking control of the defense and inspiring the team to stop and score goals.  Curtis has long been the quiet keeper, the Roadrunners can only benefit from his insight and leadership.

Kirk Nordick - August 1998 

Through the heat of summer Kirk has patrolled the forward line with power and speed. A genuine deep threat he has provided a much needed outlet for the halfbacks long seeking balls. He also showed leadership by actually reading his schedule

Bryan Sigurdson - June 1998

In the early part of the season Bryan led by example by shaking off the effects of injured knees and surgery (intended to reduce the fan base) to take his usual position on the field.  As usual, the left side of the pitch was a grave yard for the opposition and the birth place of many scoring opportunities for the Roadrunners. 

Curtis Silzer  -  March 1998 

When a team struggles no one suffers more than the goalie. Curtis has played some of his best games to date behind a team that sometimes did not deserve his efforts. His aggressive slide saves have kept the Roadrunners in many games. With the summer season only weeks away, Curtis can look forward to some much needed support and opportunities to win games on the forward line.

Kirk Nordick  - January 1998

As the Roadrunners struggle to find themselves in the fledgling 1997/98 indoor campaign, Kirk has kept us in contention. With a 5 goal explosion in one game and a constant threat in all others, Kirk has again led the way. All this while supplying Regina's crime community with a wide selection of used soccer equipment.

Kevin Morton Award - 1997 

Bruce Anderson  

In a season of change on the fullback line Bruce Anderson was the anchor that held it all together. While the line was torn apart with assorted ankle and knee injuries Bruce rose to the top and played his best season to date. Patrolling the back with power, skill and determination he let little by. With occasional slices into the midfield he dazzled and amazed. He also led by example off the field by bringing his daughter to most games, and by hosting the year end wind-up. Bruce was an inspiration to us all.

Scott Samis - September 1997

On a cool night in May the Roadrunners met to discuss the dissapointing indoor season and regroup for outdoor. The roster was already large but there were free agents to consider: best friends, good athletes, Colombian exchange students. What to do. Through it all Shaun insisted that he knew a goalie from Edmonton, a superstar from the UofA. He made the cut, mainly since none of our goalies wanted to play in the net anymore. Who could blame them. Scott arrived and we were all taken aback by his aggressive attitude and desire to play his best. After some shaky dropped balls and other growing pains Scott found his form. It all culminated in a two game performance in the playoffs that will not soon be forgotten. Both fans and opposition alike were impressed with his style and skill.

Michael Hawkins  "the HAWK" - July/August 1997

Many years ago a young insurance man arrived in Regina. He was staying in a hotel waiting for his first day at his new job. As would happen fate had intervened as Bryan Sigurdson had noticed that Micheal had noted he was the captain of his high school soccer team on his resume. Bryan phoned and introduced himself as the vice president of corporate actuarials and told Micheal to be ready in the lobby at 6pm because he was about to play the first game for his new team, the Roadrunners. Moments into that game he became the "Hawk". No one played the game harder and smarter than Hawk. There were few in the league prepared to go in the air to get a ball from him. Even though he occasionally missed games to play softball with the girls, his dedication to the team was never doubted. Countless times he replaced his dislocated shoulder to finish games, and who could forget the puss wick. Hawk was indeed a legend.

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