Aug 1: Roadrunners defeat REU Forza 5-0.  The struggling Roadrunners found the tonic they needed to bounce back from their recent poor performance as Eoin H-C scored a remarkable 3 goals on the the way to a 5-0 win over a depleted REU Forza.  The scoring was rounded out by Steph Snider who popped in a clever flick from miraculously healed Alfie Kiernan and Adam Kletchko carried the ball the length of the field and knifed in a cracker from 25 yards out.





July 30: Roadrunners lose to Adrenaline 5-1.  Tonight was Scott Dupperon Appreciation night and what a night it was.  The festivities started with a candlelight vigil, the singing of Scott's favourite soccer songs, long-time Roadrunner manager, Dick Stinson,  read letters from past Roadrunner greats that could not be attendance including Bryan Sigurdson, John Schepers and the Hawk.  After that, Bruce Weild and Bruce Crouter took turns re-enacting all of Scott's Roadrunners goals as the fans went wild with cheers of "Scotty, Scotty".  In what was the most emotional part of the evening Alfi Kiernan announced he would come off the injured reserve and play one game with his son who he flew into Regina from Ireland especially to play with Scott.  "It would have been one of the greatest moments in our lives", said Kiernan "too bad Scott could not be here".

Following the festivities the Roadrunners played Adrenaline and sucked really bad losing 5-1.  Injured forward Adam Ailsby was ejected from the bench area for pointing at laurie. 

July 23: Roadrunners lose to Rhino 2-1.  In an all too familiar scenario the Roadrunners seemed content to watch the first half and let the ever-charging Rhino take a 2-0 lead in the sweltering July heat.  The second half was a different story as the Roadrunners began attacking and played the remainder of the game in the Rhino half.  The huge Roadrunner crown cheered as shot after shot sailed over the crossbar.  It was finally Dave Charge that potted a nice cross for the Roadrunners loan goal, but alas it was not enough.  It was a great to see a huge crowd and an even huger bench tonight but the Roadrunners will need to pull it together and use the tools they have to win.

July 18: Roadrunners tie Rhino 2-2.  In a match that was perhaps too friendly the Roadrunners and Rhino started a home and home series with a 2-2 tie.  Rhino opened the scoring with a clever cross, the Roadrunners matched that with a penalty shot by Adam Ailsby.  The Roadrunner took the lead with a brilliant goal by Curtis Silzer.  This goal followed a disallowed Jamie Liebel goal and another Ailsby offering that was pulled off the scoring plane with a two handed knock down by a Rhino defender. While the Roadrunners thought they had the game in hand a Rhino forward walked through most of the team and scored the tying goal.  The hero of the match was Adam Kletchko who mercilessly controlled the left side of the field with his legendary speed and tackling.  Pundits are left to wonder why the Rhino would not attack the aged walking wounded defense on the right side.  It was also great to see Kyle Silzer back in the fold.

July 17: Roadrunners sign historic deal with PSL giants Saskatoon Arsenal. 

Affiliate Report

After manager Dick Stinson took months to weigh the options, and after
significant talks with Roadrunner board of directors, the decision as to
who to affiliate with was finally made in early June.  To the chagrin of
many, the lucky recipient of this difficult decision was Saskatchewan's
team of the decade, Saskatoon Arsenal.  

For the second time in as many months, the Arsenal have traveled to
Regina to play Regina PSL opponents.  As just the same, for the second
time in as many months, the Arsenal have called on local Regina
Affiliates, the Roadrunners to complete their roster.  The first game in
early June, was a hard fought battle against the previously first place
ACFC Pumas.  With help from the Roadrunner contingent, the Arsenal were
able to pull off a well deserved 2-1 victory in that game.

More recently, on July 15, the Arsenal took on the young guns from
Regina's REU Magicos.  Despite an REU goalie that resembled a young
Peter Schmeichel and who was the only reason the score remained
respectable, the Arsenal bolstered their midfield both on the wing and
in the middle with Roadrunner effort and cruised to an easy 2-0 win.  

July 11: Roadrunners Take it to United Assault 4-1  Between rain, referee shortages and the "Hollywood Shift" at the Freehouse, Wednesdays have been problematic for the Roadrunners.  This was not the case tonight as the the entire available team, injured and all, took to the field to gain tonight's win.  The always welcoming Usher High School chose a pile of dirt as opposed to the usual football coaches and sprinklers.  The Roadrunners were confident to sit and watch United take the early lead but in the second half the team, led by the fiery Bruce Weild and the legendary Duncan Hickey-Cameron (playing on the stumps of his legs) smashed home 3 goals to take the confident 4-1 win.  Dave Charge's performance was magic and Dean Puffalt put on a clinic.  The record shows that the goals were scored by Adam Ailsby, Kirk Nodick, Jamie Liebel and Dean Puffalt but this is expected to be appealed.  

July 4: Roadrunners lose to Chargers 2-1  The Roadrunners sent 11 brave men into battle but it was not enough as they lost first place to the Chargers 2-1.  Adam Kletchko and Kirk Nordic fought to the death but it was all for naught.  While there was hope, late injuries to Nordick and Steph Snider (who scored the team's lone goal) left the Roadrunners scrambling.  Long time Roadrunner manager, Dick Stinson, said after the game: "don't worry about the injuries, we will win Monday".

Jun 6: Roadrunners have their own Adrenaline, win 2-1.

Report 1:  On a cold, dark, windy, wet pitch the Roadrunners overcame depressing images of Bruce Crouter sitting in sunny San Diego to prevail over a young, aggressive Adrenaline squad hungry for its first win. Crouter's paid vacation necessitated a defensive strategy resulting in only two goals for. More importantly goals against dropped to 1 (and that a slight defensive miscommunication).

Adam Ailsby sacrificed his body in the penalty area resulting in a Dave Charge successful penalty shot. Late in the first half, injured Kyle Silzer pounded in the eventual winner.  With only limited bench strength (Dick Stinson) the patched up Roadrunners held the hard charging Adrenaline to a single in the second and sent soaked but courageous fans home happy.
Team management has rewarded the team with a long break to heal and bask in the glow at the top of the standings.

Report 2:  Under a gale force wind that seemed to keep away the fair weather players and fans and even threatened to blow away the regulars, the Roadrunners put on a gritty performance to secure yet another win in a close 2-1 game.  Jamie Liebel, Dean Puffalt, Kyle Silzer and Dick
Stinson all made gallant efforts to push through injuries and muscle
strains.  The scoring opened midway through the fist half when Adam
Ailsby was taken down in the box by what seemed to be dozens upon dozens of opposing defenders resulting in a penalty shot which the on form Dave Charge stepped up and coolly slotted home.  

Before the injuries took the wind out of the Roadrunner sails, Kyle
Silzer capped off a great run with a goal that put the Roadrunners in a
commanding lead.  Later, as the wind and sideways rain picked up and the
lack of subs took its toll, the scrappy Adrenaline team pulled on back.
However, between hitting opposing player in the head with the ball,
goaltender Mike made a plethora of saves to ensure the win was secure.  

On a side note, the Roadrunners are planning a practice in the near
future to try and figure out why all the easy tap in goals seem to end
up going through our strikers legs.  Scientists hired by "Friends of the
Program" are working hard to find a cure.

Cheers and thanks for watching

Jun 4: What can beat a charging Rhino?  A Roadrunner, 6-3.  After the disappointing loss last Wednesday, the Roadrunners regrouped and sent out the A-team against the new Rhino squad.  Unfortunately for the newcomers the Roadrunner's seldom seen offense was on fire.  Adam Ailsby spent most of the night setting up goals but still managed a hat-trick, Eoin H-C scored as well, as did Curtis Silzer and Steph Snider.  The only real threat to the Roadrunners came early in the second half when the Rhino came on the attack throwing their cleats at everything.  The Roadrunners Defense surrendered a goal but regrouped in plenty of time to seal the match.  While his name might not show up on the scorecard, Dave Charge led the charge for the entire night.

May 30: Roadrunners lose to REU Forza 4-1.  Fresh off a great opening night victory the Roadrunners apparent 19 man squad was no where to be seen and the winning streak came crashing to the lumpy Sheldon ground.  The Roadrunners started with 10 men - moving 3rd string keeper Duncan H-C into net.  Last minute legal wrangling moved Dick Stinson off the retired and injury list to fill out the squad.  Eoin H-C joined the game a few minutes late due to a commitment to lay down tracks for his latest album.  This allowed a little breathing room on the bench which was needed to manage knocks to Kyle Silzer and Bruce Weild.

The Roadrunners held off REU Forza for most of the first half but could not break their lone forward free in the counter-attack.  Dick Stinson was brilliant, Duncan H-C rocked in net and the rest of the Roadrunners fought hard but silently.  Eventually REU scored on a miscommunication in the Roadrunner defense.  The young lads doubled their lead early in the second half.  Adam Ailsby responded for the Roadrunners with a goal on a quickly taken free kick.  But, with the Roadrunners forced to move everyone forward, REU potted two easy goals on the counter attack late in the game.  Experts agree that a full Roadrunner squad would have faired much better.

May 28: Roadrunners strike first, win 3-0 over CUFC Assualt.  The rains finally cleared for a few hours and the season started.  The renewed CUFC Assault struggled to repel the Roadrunners early advances but eventually took control of the first half.  The Roadrunners were lucky to enter half time with a scoreless tie after the Assault narrowly missed the far post three times in short succession late in the frame. But with a renewed spirit and the wind at their backs the Roadrunners scoring machine gently slipped into high gear.  Fast break fantastic goals on the counter attack by Adam Ailsby, Kirk Nordick and Eoin H-C  buried any chance the young Capitals squad had.  Curtis Silzer was strong in net taking control of the penalty area early and never letting go.  The Roadrunners midfield perhaps lacked some control but showed the guile they will need to be successful.

May 5: After 28 years, Roadrunners could be done after nasty practice.  No one saw the curtain coming down.  The practice sessions have been growing more tense as the players not in the World Cup Players Cup took out their frustrations on each other's ankles.  Today was no different except for the surprise appearance by Alfie Kiernan and Adam Ailsby who put his cleats on.  This seemed to set off ill will which boiled over in a planned scrimmage.  While Kirk Nordick tried to calm nerves several player decided to leave.  A distraught Bruce Crouter boldly announced he will sign with Capitals United, at least they like each other.  Dick Stinson, long-time Roadrunner Manager, told reporters that he blamed Scott Dupperon for undermining team morale.  Bruce Weild, who could not attend the practice session due to his recent signing with Wolfenstein blamed the teams obsession with twin's.  Nial O'Hanlon, left fullback and team sponsor, contacted at McNally's Pub was saddened by the news because he had already decided on new pink uniforms, "what the hell am I going to do with 20 XXL pink shirts?"  With the Roadrunners communication syndicate in black-out, all that we can do is wait to see if Dick Stinson can bring the team back from the worst crisis since Cindy Sigurdson arrived after half time with the orange slices in 1998.








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