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I hate Bigots...

If an Asian footballer went to Scotland and started receiving racist abuse from opposing fans at every football match he participated in, or if he was repeatedly attacked in public places because of his ethnic background, the authorities would undoubtedly handle the matter swiftly.

Police presences at football grounds would be increased to weed out the offending element.

Public figures would voice their disapproval of such mindless behaviour and demand action.

I have absolutely no doubt of this.

Why then, is
Celtic's Neil Lennon continually the victim of bigoted abuse, sectarian violence and racist chants?

He is not allied to any political movement or paramilitary organisation, and has never given any cause for this provocation, other than donning a Celtic jersey and playing football.

He's a Catholic Irishman earning a living in
Scotland - albeit as a football player - and no-one seems to be doing a thing about the shameful attacks made against the man.

Kilmarnock 's Rugby Park , to Aberdeen 's Pittodrie Stadium, Lennon is booed by fans up and down the country for no other reason than his religion and his choice as a footballer to play with Glasgow Celtic.

Can you imagine any other minority group, footballer being abused in the same way?

I hate bigots


 P.S. Bruce Crouter will be made pay for this in Seattle.

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