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The Never Ending Story Sept 2006

The World Cup is now month's behind us and it did not disappoint (unless you think people outside Europe can play the game).  The skill was incredible, the level of fitness legendary, there were great goals and great games.  The stories that unfolded were also amazing:

  • Does England's future captain always have to be sent off,

  • is winking at your bench grounds for international scorn,

  • did the Brazilian's count on Ronaldo too much,

  • why did the Dutch leave one of the best strikers in the world on the bench,

  • who would have thought the Italians could win after that ugly match against the US,

  • What's the deal with Zidane's sister?

It seemed to me as I watched it all unfold that there is no real way to make sense of it.  The 2006 World Cup was another chapter in a never ending story.  While there will never be an incredible ending that ties all the story lines together, we can all enjoy the characters and the plot twists as they happen.

The same is true for the Roadrunners this year.  In the Spring the team looked good on paper but the season's hopes took an early blow as the world class players cup robbed us of any chance of preparing properly for the season and cost us our number one striker for the year.  After that the rains came, then the referees didn't.  As the season wore on we faced some very good teams, some very bad teams, young teams (with rabid soccer mom's) and some teams that couldn't muster 11 players for a free pizza night.  This all impacted the Roadrunners.  Players came, players quit, players got hurt, and the losses near the end caused some players to get frustrated.  What does it all mean? Do we belong in the 2nd division, is the lack of attendance at practices lately a sign that no one cares or is everyone really busy and we are a striker away from being the best?  Who knows?  All we can do is turn another page of the story on Tuesday night when the playoffs start.  And while I usually don't like long books, I really love this story and I never want it to end.

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